With Evolve Multimedia, you can build an online training course for any subject, skill set or procedure.  We can provide training for as many clients or staff as you need at any time or at any place.  Using Virtual Learning Environments, we will help you design and deliver the course online.  Once the course is running, you will be able to assess a learner’s progress, identify areas that require more study or work and define gaps in skill sets and knowledge.  As a client, you define the course material and we can either work with you to build the content or we can identify a subject matter expert in a given area for course development.

Online learning tools can play a valuable role in any student’s education as it provides a link between people with knowledge and those who wish to learn regardless of their language, location or schedules.  Online learning is not confined to a particular building or restricted to any single location or moment.

A VLE can contain a wide range of multimedia and interactive elements that both train and test learners.  A VLE can contain a syllabus, administrative information, notice boards, student registration, and tracking facilities, payment options, teaching materials, resources, self assessment and formal assessment tools, electronic communication support and different levels of access rights for learners educators.

In short, it is a classroom or training program online and within easy access of anyone, anywhere who has access to the internet and a computer.  Contact us to find out more about how this technology could revolutionize your training model.

Course Development

Course design and content is determined by the objectives and needs of each client.  We work with you to design the course, set learning objectives and develop evaluation tools.  Content for the courses is provided by subject matter experts, our or yours, and interactive content is provided as images, video, audio, 2D or 3D animations.

The material is organized in a course management system and delivered online via the web.  All material is securely stored on a dedicated server and users must login with a personal password and username.  Once the course is online, your clients, students or staff, can login and review the material at a rate you determine.

Users can test their skills with the self-test feature and review subjects that need more study.  Managers or instructors can set times for examinations and results are then available online for their review and assessment.  A virtual course provides a powerful learning environment and training tool that will allow you, your staff, or students to grow and develop skills anywhere at anytime.