Website development

The Internet has become a part of our daily world.  There are few individuals who havenot ‘surfed’ the web or accessed information for study or interest.  Over the last decade, the web rapidly evolved from a basic communication tool and transfer of data used by a few to a vast communication and commercial venue used by the majority of the general public in the western world.

We can help you gain the presence on the web that you want for your business or organization.  Our consultants have experience working with a wide range of clients on a diverse array of web projects.  We can build you a simple information site or a one with components such as a searchable database, interactive elements, training modules, video and online commerce.

Once your site is online, we can maintain and update the site for you.  We will ensure that your clients can reach you online and that your site is current and functional.  As your business or organization grows and changes, so too should your websites.  With our help, your website will continue to evolve as you do.

Information management

We have no shortage of information in the digital age…indeed we are overwhelmed by it.  At Evolve Multimedia and Training, we can help you turn information into a powerful tool.  We can help you build a searchable database, online forms with a linked database, or a model for organizing your information.  Click on the links below to learn more about how information can be managed and collected to create management powerful tools.

To learn more, please contact us and we would be happy to speak with you about your information management issues and solutions.

 Spatially referenced information

In this example, field data collected with the Global Positioning system for a fisheries research project has been transferred to a Geographic Information System and then used to delineate habitat values in the existing river channel.  A square hectare grid layer covers the entire floodplain and habitat values are assigned to each grid square.  In the event that the river changes course, the grid will still be able to give total habitat value for the floodplain and provide, among other things, net habitat loss or gain.


Online forms allow you to easily capture and manage information.  Forms and information can be made available to your clients through your website and we will work with you to develop a database that is easy for you to use and access.  In the example given here, the River’s Day List of Events has been created through the online registration form.  When the user has submitted their details, the event is added to the database and once refreshed; the event list will show the new event.

Multimedia tools

No matter what your field, training and education are important elements. Skill sets often need to be taught, reviewed, or upgraded.  A great deal of cost and time involved in training and people must learn by doing.  This can result in damage to valuable equipment or a loss in production time.

Virtual learning tools allow you to train on your own time at a computer.  They can simulate the real in look and behaviour and valuable training modules and access to help are available at the click of a button.  We have included an example of a virtual training tool on the right.  We invite you to try it out and learn a little of what is possible with virtual training tools.