Our consultants have an extensive background in information technology and interactive media programs.  Our experience includes provision of technical support and development of information technology for all levels of government and educational institutions.

Our goal as a company is to provide unique and functional multimedia and training tools that meet or exceed the objectives and needs of our clients.  Our name is definitive and Evolve multimedia and training is a commitment to making technology work for our clients and to change the way we interact and learn online for the better.

In our project experience, we have initiated, designed, and managed projects from start to finish.  We have developed and managed information databases and created interactive media programs, websites, and Geographic Information System layers and atlases.

We have built online training programs and virtual learning environments which incorporate video, audio, 3D and 2D animation and interactive media elements.  We love to use technology creatively and effectively to create the program, utility or information system that is right for our client and their needs.